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Tony Manning, Hays Travel
Dear Will

I'm a member of an old golf society that's been going since 1969. They have a number of very old trophies and I suggested using your services for the end of year engraving. I had complete confidence in you and you didn't let me down. All done in time for the presentation night and at a great price. You even picked them up and delivered them back again - in the snow.

I wouldn't hesitate in referring clients to you in the future as I'm sure they would also receive equally great service.
John Bell, Barking Rugby Club
Dear Martin 

I would like to thank you for the excellent trophies you supplied our Youth section at Barking Rugby Club, especially as our Under 14's order was finalised whilst you was away on holiday just a few days before the trophy presentation. 

The fact that you could arrange for the trophies to be ordered, engraved and delivered especially as one of the codes our U14 Manager gave you was wrong. 

How you could do this whilst on holiday in St Lucia is amazing, you definitely pulled out all the stops, and I for one can say that your service levels are not just a load of cobblers. 

I will be doing everything within my power to spread the word so that other Rugby clubs speak to you before placing their trophy orders with any other company. 

Credit where credit is due.